Our Approach

Stock Software is a proponent of Agile Software Development and has successfully applied it to the management of a large number of projects during the last decade.

Agile software development is an approach to project management which favours:

Less binding specifications
Binding specifications introduce rigidity into a project, any change becomes a major point of discussion between the parties involved. By avoiding a binding specification we allow you the flexibility to change your mind and not be penalised for it.
Continual interaction between developers and the client
This ensures that ensuring everyone is in-sync and allows for rapid integration of new ideas as they arise. It ensures that there are no surprises in the final product.
Frequent deliverables
The software is deployed regularly and new functionality is added in regular "iterations". This avoids the "all-or-nothing" risk which arises when a specification is developed as a whole, and also makes it very easy to incorporate changes in direction or project emphasis.
Open project management
We believe that you are best served by our being completely transparent in the manner in which we perform our work, any problems encountered and our progress. Our developers are directly contactable by you and we don't interpose any marketing personnel or account managers.

The Agile approach is covered in more detail at AgileManifesto.org where many more arguments are presented for its use.

It is important to understand that this approach works largely because of the continual interaction, and that it will potentially fail without it. Stock Software places developers where they can obtain quick and ready access to your team, and anyone else who has a direct impact upon the direction of the project. It is expected, and necessary, that the developers interact directly with your team, that your team is comfortable with raising issues and ideas as they arise, and that your team is willing and able to devote as much time as is required in return.

Should you have any queries or would like to discuss aspects of the above approach, reference projects, or anything else, please contact us for a chat.